To Wrap Or Not To Wrap, That Is The Question!

"To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?"

- That Is The Question!

You see them more frequent than before, the "in your face"

brilliantly coloured and often poorly designed full van wrap.

Although they can look fantastic in their first 6 months sometimes to a year, the days of the full wrap are numbered..



 Why new clients are saying "I do not want a wrap anymore"

  • The reason for this is as follows:


  • Looks amazing for the first 6 - 12 months but its faded a lot.


  • I had a ding in the van and I needed to replace a strip of the wrap.


  • Now the new strip is bright against the original already faded wrap.


  • Its peeling at the edges and looks terrible.


  • The over laminate is failing, it's cracked and peeling.

  • It looks terrible and it reflects on my business. 


  • The van was out of use for a day which was very inconvenient.


  • I lost a days work which I can't afford to do each time.


Why Kustom Signs Is The Solution!


  • We can take an existing logo/layout and design for you an eyecatching, vinyl cut logo/layout that is fit for purpose.

  • Rather than the vinyl being digitally printed and requiring an over laminate that will fail in a short period of time, we use airbrushing paints with a clear coat to seal in and pressure the paint and vinyl.

  • Any areas where we feel the vinyl may fail (over sharp contours of van panels) we cut these away so that this eliminates future problems of vinyl peeling and making your van look shoddy.

Surely This Takes Longer To Install?

  • We come to you.
  • We install at your home or place of work.
  • We work around your schedule.
  • We work weekends to keep your week free!

Tips For Your Van Layout/Logo

  • Keep it simple.
  • Make it bold.
  • Easy to read.